Various Penis Pumping Techniques

Men sometimes have a difficult time maintain an erection and this can cause put a big damper on their sex life. Science, medicine and technology have made some breakthroughs over the years to help men deal with erectile dysfunction. Most people are familiar with supplements and ointments that help invigorate men’s libido, but one instrument that doesn’t get much press is the penis pump.

The penis pump works by drawing air out of the airtight cavity where the erect penis is placed. This helps promote better blood circulation in the shaft of the penis and leads to a harder and longer lasting erection.

Penis pumping is not a one way process. There are various techniques that can be used to make penis growth go more efficiently.

With that said, here are the various techniques that can be used with the penis pump:


It’s pretty self-explanatory what this technique is all about. This one basically involves the user shaking the airtube to stimulate his penis and have it remain erect throughout the whole pumping session. This technique comes in handy during long pumping sessions where the penis tends to lose its erection as time goes on. This entire ordeal requires your penis to remain erect all throughout so proper stimulation may take place.


This technique is simple and requires the user to place a source of heat around the airtight cavity housing the penis. The heat will dilate the penis’ blood vessels and help it stay erect long enough throughout the whole process. Warm packs, heating blankets or heating pads can be used for this technique. However, users must exercise a great deal of caution when utilizing this technique as to avoid getting burns and other injuries to the penis.

Pulse Pumping   

This technique involves changing the pump’s pressure levels in measured intervals throughout the whole session. This helps stimulate growth and expansion by working up the penis’ connective tissue. Changing the pressure one level lower every once in a while and then reverting back to normal pressure after 60 seconds is the most common pulse pumping technique.


This is another technique that is used to help stimulate penis growth. Milking is done by moving the pump’s airtight cylinder gently in an up and down motion. The motion is similar to masturbation and helps speed up the circulation of blood in the penis while keeping it erect at the same time.


Before you get excited and try out these pumping techniques, you should always observe caution and read the manual that comes with your penis pump. Understand how your pump works and consult with a doctor if you’re unsure about whether or not you should use this device. Discontinue use of the pump if something goes wrong.

You should also remember to always clean your pump before using it disinfect it of germs and bacteria that could potentially infect your penis. Yes, we understand that you want to improve your sex life, but your health should always be a top priority when using a penis pump.