Semen Enhancement Meal Items

In married relationships, the fertility of the couple is very important. A man and a woman enter a relationship because they both have the goal to create a family of their own in the future.

However some couples get to experience problems when it comes to conceiving a child. Sometimes the problem would be on the woman’s part while on other times, it would be on the man’s part.

The amount of sperm that a man ejaculates would have an indication on his fertility. If this amount would decrease significantly over time, this would cause a man to worry.

The natural volume of semen that a man must ejaculate per ejaculation would be around 3-5 mL. Any amount below this would definitely cause a man to worry.

Good thing that the volume and quality of semen can be attributed to many physical factors and can be easily altered. Even the food that a man eats can contribute to the volume and quantity of the sperm cell.

Below are the common meal items that one can take to increase the semen volume.

  • Water

To be able for the body to function properly, it is important that a person must be fully hydrated. It has been advised that a person should take in around 8 glasses of water a day to make sure that he is well hydrated.

Having enough water content in your body will allow sperm production to occur normally and in maximum quality and will definitely contribute well in the quality and volume of your semen.

  • Meat

A hungry man holding a knife and a fork ready to eat a stack of raw steakIncluding meat in your diet would have a great impact on the quality and quantity of a man’s semen. What meat makes a great meal for men is that it contains a lot of great nutrients that is needed for semen production.

It contains the amino acids arginine and carnitine that the body would need to increase the testosterone levels that are needed for optimal semen production.

Meats that are high in protein are red meats, poultry and tuna. Meat items that are also rich in zinc are also very helpful in semen production since this element is part in the process of sperm maturity and motility.

According to studies, each ejaculate of a man would naturally contain 1-4 mg of zinc.

  • Nuts

Aside from meats, nuts are also rich in protein and zinc which is essential for sperm production. So if you haven’t included nuts in your diet yet, then a cup of nuts would probably be a great help if you wish to increase your sperm quality and quantity.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Of course, the ever healthy fruits and vegetables would also aid in the production of quality semen. A lot of fruits are rich in proteins needed for sperm production.

Green leafy vegetables are also rich in zinc that also helps in the maturation of the sperm. Some example of fruits and vegetables that you can include in your diet would be guava, watermelon, pink grapefruit, spinach, okra, broccoli and many more.

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