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Common Weight Loss Drugs

If you think that you have to lose weight, then you are probably right and the best time to start losing weight is right now.

There are a lot of men who are aggressive when it comes to losing weight that they may go through strenuous exercising or taking in pills, hcg diet and other weight loss products. Doing such aggressive methods is quite dangerous and risky.

Losing weight pound very quickly may make you dehydrated, feel fatigue and be malnourished. One must know that there is a certain amount of weight that you can safely lose in a specific span of time.

There are a lot of safe and easy ways to lose weight and below are some of the tips and options that you could choose if you wish to lose weight.

Weight Loss Drugs

Aside from exercising, some people would rather choose to take these weight loss drugs or diet pills when they want to shed off those extra pounds.

Indeed, these weight loss pills are helpful when losing weight most especially when they are coupled with exercise.

However one must exercise caution before taking in these diet pills since some of the pills would be dangerous most especially if you have cardiovascular problems such as hypertension.

If not guided well, one might also overdose which will lead to a more serious side effect. So if you choose this option, it would be wise to visit your doctor first for a proper consultation and dosage for the weight loss pills.


Phentermine is one of the oldest products. It acquired FDA authorization in 1959 in the form of an appetite suppressant. It’s a doctor prescribed amphetamine that targets the NT of the brain, lowering appetite.

Eat phentermine, consume much less and also reduce weight. These products are accepted for overweight individuals whose weight is leading to severe health issues; also it has to be coupled with an appropriate dieting and exercise plan to be able to be efficient.


Orlistat, a doctor prescribed weight reduction medicine that obstructs the assimilation of body fats into the digestive system. Much less body fat indicates lesser calories and then, hopefully, weight reduction.

The medicine functions by blocking a pancreatic, fat-dissolving particular enzyme. Whenever taken 3 times every day before daily meals, it hinders approximately 30% of the extra fat you consume.

That extra fat then simply moves safely through the digestive system. Orlistat isn’t quite effective. In yearlong medical tests, the medicine decreased body mass by approximately 5%, yet merely for fifty percent the individuals.

So when they quit using the medicine, they obtained a few of the excess weight back.


BontrilBontril is another amphetamine-related weight-loss drug, but it’s even more addictive than phentermine.

About a third of the drug is converted into phenmetrazine, a stimulant diet drug that was taken off the market due to its addictive nature. As a result, Bontril is now a Schedule III controlled substance.

That means that it’s only available with a prescription and its use is highly monitored. Like phentermine, it’s an effective weight-loss drug that attacks appetite. You’ll cut your caloric intake and your fat.