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Ten Weight Loss Tips for Men

Losing weight is now a trend that many people does. The fact that every person wants to achieve that good looking and slim body makes almost every person addicted to losing weight.

They would go to the gym to do some exercise training or take diet pills or both just to achieve the body that they dream of.

Since the fat content and body composition of men is quite different from women, men should have a slightly different weight loss technique that they do in order to achieve their goal.

Below are ten tips that a man can do if he wants to lose weight safe and fast.

  1. protein smoothieBefore going out to celebrate and eat out with friends, try taking a glass of protein smoothie. If you don’t know where to buy one, then you could probably make one at home by blending a couple of fruits all together. You will not only able to enjoy the taste but it will make you feel fuller and that you won’t be able to eat a lot when you are out there eating.
  2. You can also choose to do an “after 9” diet (or probably another different time that you may choose). This “After 9” diet simply means that you are not to eat anything after 9 in the evening.
  3. If you drive a car and have to go somewhere, make sure to park somewhere far from the entrance of the building or establishment. This walk from your car to the entrance will allow you to do a little exercise.
  4. Cheat day! Choose one day of the week that you will have a cheat day. Some people usually choose their cheat day during Fridays since this is the most tiring day of the week. When on the cheat day, it does not mean that you have to over eat and indulge into everything. Just eat that certain food product that you don’t get to eat during the normal days.
  5. If you don’t do exercises at all then it is best to start working out on the weekends. Soon you will be addicted to exercising and will be a one step closer to your goal.
  6. If you are a fan of microwavable items and don’t like cooking, the next time you go out on a grocery shopping make sure that your products are fat-free. These food items will be healthy and easy to cook.
  7. Think that your stomach will burst every time you add something to eat. In some people, this is effective.
  8. If you don’t want to have a cheat day, you can work out on a Friday instead. After working out, you will then forget about eating.
  9. Before eating your salad, put the dressing aside, dip your fork and then get salad. In this way you will be able to enjoy the taste of your salad without eating too much dressing.
  10. Take the stairs especially if your office our unit is only up on the 5th floor. This will provide you with a little exercise.