5 Decorating and Remodeling Tips from a Top Interior Designer

You may have liked your old décor. You may have even done it yourself or hired a professional decorator. At that time you thought it was amazing! Yet, decor ages and it probably just started to get old and now you need something new and fresh in your life.

Décor affects your emotions at home. Objects and colors inside a house can have a significant effect on one’s mood. We sometimes express our emotions through colors. We do this when we say ”I feel blue”, I’m seeing red”, or “You look like you’re in the pink of health”. It can also affect our performance of daily activities. Our immediate space is important to us and for this reason, we take much care in the planning and choosing our home décor. Right now, as so many of us are working at home, it’s important that your decor makes you happy and that you enjoy spending time in your space. 

Even on a tight budget, you can make your home look high end. Here are some expert tips that can make your home look welcoming and elegant.

1. Color Matters 

Ever seen or used a color wheel? It is a wheel that has swatches of different colors which shows the primary colors, tertiary colors, and shows the complementary colors. Colors are grouped; warm like reds and oranges or cool as pastel blue or green. Warm colors can bring life or vibrancy to your room or mood. Cool colors can have a relaxing effect. A color wheel may show numerous shades but you should pick one that resonates with you and from there you can choose other colors that go well with it.

2. Add pillows and rugs for comfort

Besides making your home look elegant, be sure to think about comfort and function. You can add throw pillows as support for the back. A kitchen rug can provide comfort to your feet when you wash dishes. These décor doesn’t just attract the eyes but are also perfect in providing comfort. Adding texture into a room creates enjoyment and gives your eyes something to rest on, even if the room is monochromatic. 

3. Hang artwork from the right height

Most people create a look of disharmony in wall space by placing artwork too high. If there’s too much dark space, the eye tends to linger on that space. The recommended space is from three to eight inches above the furniture but it could be lower or higher depending on the size of the artwork.

4. Create a place outside that you’ll enjoy

Are you spending a lot of time outside in your yard these days? Add in some potted plants or create a colorful corner that will attract local wildlife, and make you happy to look at. Perhaps you have a pool, but you can’t spend much time in it because you live in a cooler area. Have you considered adding in solar heating, so your pool can be a warm temperature year round and you can get added enjoyment from it? Your yard is an extension of your house, so make it enjoyable and liveable! If you live in a small home, embracing your outdoor living space is very important and can help you enjoy your home even more!

5. Décor that tells a story

Choose décor tells a narrative of your life or represents your wants. When you see it, it can enforce your beliefs or values. Sometimes your décor can be your act of creation. A storytelling of what is or what is to come. It can bring good energy or bad energy into your life. Consider this case in point: when you have a dirty and chaotic environment that may give you a disorganized mindset. Keep your home tidy and use the decor to tell your life’s story, where you have been and where you want to go. 

6. Safety

Purchase electric decor from reputable sellers. Keep flammable materials away from electric décor. Another thing to watch out for is house plants. You may sometimes receive them as gifts but research if they are poisonous or not prevent the accidental poisoning of children and pets. Keeping them up away from small children and pets, even if they aren’t toxic, just to reduce mess and the risk of sickness or injury. 

According to lovedecormag, choosing the right colors, and design are just some of the aspects that create a harmonious and livable space. Your choices can have an impact on your subconscious and mood. Consider decorating your home from this perspective so you can promote good health and good mood through home décor.

Amelia Evans
Amelia is a member of the content team at The Long Reach and works for a variety of multinational brands as well as a freelance journalist. She is a health and lifestyle author who specializes in whole-body wellbeing and is very knowledgeable about the music industry. Amelia enjoys going into the countryside for some relaxation while she’s not researching or writing.