Have you thought about digital marketing for your business?

Marketing is the process of selling a business’s products or services through market research, including advertising. In the same way, digital marketing is the process of using digital media and digital technology to manage the sale of goods or services through online / internet.

And at the present time, keeping pace with the times, the demand for digital marketing is also constantly increasing.

Why Digital Marketing?

The current era is the era of information technology. In this age of information technology, we are all moving forward with technology. With the change of time, everything is becoming technology dependent. And with the development of this information technology, we can do any work very easily. And with that we are able to adapt to the times. As before we had to go to the market to buy any product. Now we can buy and sell products at home very easily.

1. Marketing at home: When you hear the name digital marketing, it seems that there is something electronic. One thing is to promote products or services using electronic media such as social media, Facebook, Google, website, video, Twitter, email etc. Through this, different tasks can be done in different ways. Digital marketing is a method by which you can know all the likes and dislikes of your customers sitting anywhere. You can even convert a new person into a customer. Creating a good customer relationship with business etc. is possible through digital marketing.

2. Customer targeting: Customer targeting is one of the most important uses of digital marketing. Think about it, what do you mean by conventional marketing? Posters, banners, leaflets, billboards, miking, graffiti, office visits etc. Now let’s talk about one of the methods you mentioned, can you target and market one of these methods? No, because if you live in the north of Dhaka, it will be difficult for you to sell products in Dhanmondi. Many buyers love to buy products from stores near their homes.

Again, if you think of them as TV or radio, I will say one thing, the cost of advertising in two ways is much higher and it is not possible for all traders to advertise. So you understand, where are the problems of your conventional advertising? But once you think of digital marketing, this way you can open a store online. As a result, you can target ads. By using digital marketing you can easily get your business to the right customers for your business. And here you can promote your product or service by targeting your customers at a specific location and a specific interest.

What are the steps of digital marketing?

There are a number of steps, including digital marketing are significant steps,

1. Website.

2. Social media marketing,

3. Search engine optimization,

4. Search engine marketing and

5. Email marketing.

1. Website:

Our conventional business has an address from which the customer can know about your business, just like a website is an online address of your business. Where you can present your business to your customers online. You can also sell your product or service online. Then you can understand how much the website needs for your business. And usually you can easily make your website between 5 thousand to 10 thousand rupees.

2. Social Media Marketing:

Social media is one of the most popular media at present. Finding people who use smartphones at the moment, but don’t use social media, is a responsibility. And that’s why you can understand how timely social media is for expanding your business.

With the creation of Facebook, a virtual world called social media has been created in the world. Whose influence is constantly increasing. Now people like to wake up and first see what their friends have written on Facebook, check what they have tweeted on Twitter, post a picture of themselves on Instagram. In other words, social media is becoming intimately involved with our lives. For this, if you want a large number of customers of all kinds in one place, then you must do social media marketing. Social media can attract a lot more customers at a lower cost than any other medium.

Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. So marketing must be done on these social media.

3. Search engine optimization:

One of the most popular components of digital marketing is search engine optimization / SEO. SEO is a method of bringing visitors from Google. Google is a great source of all kinds of customers. The first thing we use to find something is Google. What you search for is called Keyword. The website that comes first in the Google search results has the highest number of visitors. And SEO is the ranking in this keyword based search result. If one does not SEO his business website, he will lose a large number of visitors. Which will hamper the growth of his business profits.

4. Email Marketing:

Email is one of the most important and secure ways to exchange information or files. The marketing that is done through this email is called email marketing. If you are thinking of doing digital marketing in USA or any other developed country then there is no alternative to email marketing. They use a lot of email because they like to do all kinds of work via email. So this marketing is very effective. It is also widely used in Bangladesh.

5. Search Engine Marketing:

Who has already been mentioned about search engines. About 2.3 million people use Google every second. Search engine marketing is a paid marketing method. By giving money to Google, Google will show the link of your website first in the search results in specific keywords. Through which you will get a lot of targeted visitors. Which will become your customer. If you do not use this method, your competitors may be ahead of you by using this customer source.

Mia Clarke
Mia Clarke is a member of numerous multinational organizations' content and group departments, and is a specialist on all aspects of video wall and show solutions. Her publishing is generally focused on technology-related content, as is her area of expertise. When Mia isn't sharing the message about video walls or writing about technology, she can be seen biking or cycling in the great outdoors.