Top Tips To Tackle Your Cleaning

Are you struggling to keep on top of your cleaning? Do you need to get your cleaning routine updated?

Sometimes our cleaning routines and schedules need a little help and that’s OK. As things in our lives change, we have to make changes in our cleaning routines too.

Check out these top tips that will help you tackle your cleaning and help you get your cleaning routine back on schedule.

Top Cleaning Tips

If you are looking for some top cleaning tips to help you with your own cleaning schedule, then check out these ideas.

  • Tidy before cleaning
  • What to tackle first
  • Deep cleaning v’s quick cleaning
  • The cleaning products to use
  • Making your home smell fresh

Cleaning Your Home

Did you know it’s easier to clean a tidy home? Cleaning and tidying are two separate tasks that often get dumped together. When they are done separately it makes the process of cleaning so much easier.

If you want your cleaning to go smoothly and easily you need to tidy first.

Tidy Before Cleaning

The idea to cleaning a messy home is to get the house tidy, picking things up that don’t belong there.

When your home is tidy, it’s easier to tackle the cleaning.

Everything in your home needs its own home, this way you know where things belong and when it comes to tidying away it’s so much easier.

This will allow you to quickly pick up and tidy your home before you start to clean.

What To Tackle First

When you are ready to start cleaning, understanding where to start is often the most difficult.

The ideal is to start at the top and work down, so if you have an upstairs in theory you should start up there, with the final task being the floors of your lowest floor.

However, if you are short on time then finding the area in your home that is high traffic and easy to tackle, is the only way to go.

For many this is going to be the main entryway into your home, if you get this area cleaned first, if you get any unexpected visitors, when they walk in the door it will be clean.

First impressions always count.

The Reason Behind My Thoughts

I used to start in the kitchen when my kids where small, it sometimes felt that I never left that room. It also made me feel that I was neglecting other areas of my home, this is why I made the switch.

There is always something that needs doing in the kitchen and it can take over your life.

So, I left the kitchen till last and that way I was able to tackle the cleaning when everything else was done and it felt good to finally finish.

Deep Cleaning V’s Quick Cleaning

I think another thing that many people get upset over when it comes to cleaning, is thinking that they have to deep clean every room every week.

That’s really not needed at all. The more you clean the less time it will take and sometimes all you need is a quick clean to make the room feel presentable.

You only need to deep clean occasionally, especially if you keep on top of the cleaning. It might just be once a month per room, and this is easier to fit into a schedule than deep cleaning every room each week.

The more you clean the less dust and dirt accumulates between cleaning allowing your cleaning sessions to be quick and easy.

Deep Cleaning Your Home

When you think about deep cleaning, it often means long cleaning sessions.

But this causes a problem with most people who just don’t have the time to tackle a large project on a whim.

Which is why I always recommend scheduling them into your monthly calendar.

You can take the time needed and work out when it would be possible to fit the time into your day.

Planning ensures that you are looking at the time the task will take and what your commitments are.

By taking the time to plan these tasks in advance, is a great way to keep on top of some of those deep cleaning projects you need to do on a regular basis.

What Cleaning Products To Use

There are so many different cleaning products available, make sure you pick a product that is suitable for the task.

It’s important to read the back sides of your cleaning product, this will give you instructions on how to use the product safely and in the manner, it was made for.

So many people grab a cleaning product, it might say bathroom cleaning, and they spray and wipe away. Without reading the instructions on how to use the product you might be missing an important step in the process.

Cleaning Product Safety

Don’t use products that aren’t made for cleaning that item, this can be extremely dangerous, and you can even damage items in your home.

Also, never mix products as this is also dangerous, it can lead to toxic fumes that are poisonous and dangerous to you and your family’s health.

Making Your Home Smell Fresh

If your home smells fresh and clean this helps the feel of your home.

There are products that you can buy that add fragrance to any room, some can even eliminate odours.

But if you haven’t got money to spend on these types of products, opening your windows and letting in the fresh air will help to eliminate any smell that is lingering in your home.

Let’s Recap…

There is no reason to worry that you need to adjust your cleaning schedule, this is something that you will have to do when different aspects of your life change.

There is a difference between cleaning and tidying up, cleaning is easier if you have done the tidying before attempting to clean.

Tackle the area that gets the most traffic first, this will help you feel better about your home when you enter.

You don’t need to deep clean every time you clean; quick cleaning and cleaning often makes cleaning easier.

Read the labels on the products you use and don’t mix them. If you want your home to smell fresh open your windows to let the fresh air in.

Amelia Evans
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